Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team of problem-solvers passionate about seeing businesses succeed.

Dan Schmidt

President and Founder

Before starting EBCFO, Dan Schmidt spent 15 years serving the accounting and finance needs of companies in the profit and not-for-profit sector.  As Principal at EBCFO, he created an operational finance model for middle-market companies that gives them quality financial information for actionable decision making.  With expertise in cloud accounting technology and systems integration, Dan and his team free businesses from time-consuming manual processes, allowing organizations from the Midwest and across the globe to focus on what they do best.

The Team

In addition to Dan, the EBCFO Team offers expertise in fundraising, management accounting, and business & operations strategy. This expertise and experience provide a holistic approach to system integration, software deployment, and operational finance & accounting. Access to their diverse perspectives is foundational to the value we provide.

Michelle Fees, Nonprofit Controller

JaJuan Williams, Nonprofit Controller

Corrigan Nadon-Nichols, For-Profit Controller

Erin Francis, Accountant

Arnold Smyth, Chief of Staff

Geisha Soto, Executive Admin

Our Approach


The best plans begin with the end in mind. We start by learning how the business works – what needs measured, what buttons to push, and how company leaders need to interact with data. From there, we design and implement a software solution to meet those needs, using modern, cloud-based software platforms that directly integrate with each other.


Data is only useful if it’s accurate AND timely. In a growth-stage business, what happened 60 days ago is no longer useful. Therefore, we utilize modern cloud-based software with deep integration options to capture data and automate processes.


Even great systems need people to manage them and utilize the data they produce. We put an entire team in place, from Bookkeepers and Accounting Managers who keep everything up to date, to Software Specialists who continually xxx to CFO’s to take the strategic vision and put numbers and goals to it.

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